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InboxZero - Using Labels to create space for focused work

Updated: Jun 28

Need more free time to focus on your#ZoneOfGenius?

Getting your inbox sorted will create the space you crave to focus on what you love.

Adding labels is a super quick and easy way to start structuring your time and inbox In outlook use Categories - not as great as GMail Labels but a way forward to claiming control of your inbox and highlighting what needs your attention.

An organised inbox is what many busy entrepreneurs dream of, one with only the essential must-do, business optimising, value add, items and fun, yes the fun rewarding enjoyable light you-up requests for your time.

Labels help you track, find, sort, archive forward - with a label you can soon be the owner of your version of Inbox Zero, one that best suits your way of working.

  • End the frustration of being out of the loop, not seeing updates, subscriptions, and key industry information.

  • Stop time wasted waiting on unattended Zoom calls or travel to empty meeting rooms can all be avoided with a little planning and implementation of labels

  • Avoid Icebergs on the horizon with an uncluttered inbox

By tracking, and flagging your emails with labels you will be able easily to identify your active clients' emails, key projects, stakeholders or valued customers

  • maximise revenue upsells with timely responses

  • optimise the conversion of enquires and opportunities

  • Read, review and keep current - no more FOMO

  • Finance, investor, bills and receipts easily accessible and help to track the money

Steps to get started

#1 Think about what you want to see, what you are missing or how you plan to work before you begin.

Action items are great for shared mailboxes and if you have a EA supporting you. Buckets are best for themes.

Actions labels - Urgent, To-Do, Filing, Billing, Enquiries, Calendar

Buckets labels - Expenses, People, Finance, Client, Subscriptions, Travel, Networking

#2 Use tools in the GMail and MS office to snooze, schedule and add to Tasks to reduce the need for the number of labels and the need for action labels.

#3 Use colours, and grouping - there are options to get a wider colour range

#4 Allocate time to maintain systems and to action your labels

A few label colour ideas to get your started:

  • Money - shades of green or enquiries, finance, investors, expenses

  • Fun - in sunshine yellow

  • Clients - in blue

  • Urgent, Take Action - Red

  • Internal emails - use purple for team members' names

TOP TIP use the same colours in your calendar entries, tags and folder

TIME SAVER add Filters to set automation when creating the label

Act on opportunities and gain space to focus on what you love

Interested in knowing more grab my free Starter InboxZero checklist 4 Steps and start today

Would love bite-size learning delivered to your inbox subscribe for tips, videos and updates of how to work #SmarterNotHarder

Read the original Article on LinkedIn posted 23 February 2023

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