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Using Templates to Ace the 'Defer, Delegate and do'​ of One-Minute Emails

Who doesn't want less time in their inbox? A hack, a tip to respond quicker, in less time? To spend that energy instead where has it has an impact, focused on what will take you forward.

One-minute emails are not a myth, nor for the few. You can all be the One-minute email people, not just the speedy typist or delete happy crew.

Whizz through the Do of One-Minute Emails' Defer-Delegate-Delete and Do system with prepared responses.

Add GMail Templates to your day and spend less time in your inbox.

We all have those standard responses, bits of information that we paste, type, rinse repeat... and all those clicks take time. Using Templates WILL save you time, and hassle, create consistency, reduce errors and increase productivity what is not to love about them?

Stop the copy and paste, scrolling and searching for the last email where you wrote the same thing, opening and closing the ever-growing list of drafts.

Love them l Hate them or think they are not for you? From repeated one-liners, bank details or whole welcome emails, you will soon see the time-saving benefits of a template.

What's an Email Template? It is a canned response. A pre-written message can be a section or whole bit of content that is repeatedly shared on, out, or written.

It is made up of text, links, something you use often, daily, weekly, monthly, with a new launch, product, or service. Periodically, but it is the same content over and over and over again.

Using Templates in Gmail will allow you to insert pre-written responses when you create, forward and reply to emails. If you think it might restrict you, think again. You can edit a template in real-time, tweak it, top and tail it, add a few to one email and end up with a personalised, yet consistent, accurate message that takes half the time.

AND Templates can be used in Filters to automatically respond to emails that meet certain criteria that you set. BUT take care as your email address gets a ‘canned response’ added to it currently so the sender can see it as such.

Still not sure about where you could use them? I use Templates for

  • Reminders and requests

  • With payment, subscription and form links

  • Onboarding emails

  • Enquiry emails

  • To reduce typing errors in links and account numbers

Need convincing? Templates will save you time in your inbox and add the benefit of getting you to notice what you notice. As you document what your customers and business are asking you to provide regularly, you end up one step ahead

  • content ready to create email flows and DM marketing pieces

  • roll out to teams to create consistency, reduce errors, mimic tone of voice

  • identify and start a process in one step

  • spot areas for efficiency

  • improve customer journeys

  • Pre AI, Zaps -the right questions and answers for prompts

Declutter your inbox, and whizz through those quick-to-answer emails. Get rid of the hours wasted starting emails from scratch, and get ready to act on opportunities and gain space to focus on what you love.

Try out Templates and spend even less time in your inbox than you do today.

Here are my top 10 uses

  1. Enquiry emails responses - your services or offers

  2. Meeting request - the please contact or use this link

  3. Customer service - common questions and requests for information

  4. Finance team - payment reminders or text to go with invoices

  5. Personalising responses to website forms completed

  6. Post-shows, speaking engagements - thank your and next steps

  7. Insert repeatable links - payment, downloads, coaching calls,QR code, booking links

  8. Recruitment, Onboarding and welcome emails - where the links and directions, instructions are repeated

  9. Account details - great for avoiding mistyped numbers

Enjoyed the article ? Grab the FREE set up guide. Click here for the FREE guide to setting up templates . You will automatically be subscribed to my newsletter - getting more tips and strategies to create space for more or what you love weekly.

If you would love more help with your inbox. Reduce clutter and act on opportunities get started with my FREE Inbox Zero Guide - it comes with an email series to help you get the most from the 4 steps you need to go from clutter to clarity or book a discovery call here to see how we can work together

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