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Access To work

Is Access to Work right for you?

My story

More than a few years ago, covid, stress and perimenopause coincided and I was struggling. My working memory, along with physical pain, was making life harder.

I was writing more notes, than usual, having to record calls to listen back to, alarms were pinging for wake-up, school runs, calls due. I was using free software to assist and my day was lengthening with cross-checks, notes to review.

Another impact was physical stress showing up as wrist and lower back issues.... that I was personally addressing with physio and osteopath treatments.

I had a standing desk and an ergonomic work chair. I was fortunate enough coming out of lockdown and home working to be able to keep the kit I had needed for working at home from Genius Within CIC.

I love working with and supporting people to achieve their goals... I am a Generalist, an Integrator. I was used to excelling at keeping the parts moving in the right direction with ease.

And I loved the opportunities that were presenting themselves for me to work for myself, for more women, at the same time, being able help more women in business.

BUT I needed support too.

What did my support look like after a consultation and a few emails back and forth?

👉 I got the paid programmes of and #Grammerly

👉 I got wrist, desk and chair supports

👉 I got an earpiece to reduce background noise (and improve focus)

👉 I tried out a #ReMarkable2 - it was not for me (then)

👉 I had my tech set up upgraded to run the programmes

👉 I got training on it all

I am fortunate enough to have had success with the Access to Work Scheme. I am able to support, and empathise, with the women founder-owners I get to work with every week— coaches, creatives, business owners, leaders.

I love the work I do as an accountability partner, a coach, and an implementor of systems and strategies to keep the women I work with on track, to create the space for more for what they can offer to the world using core business tools and practices, better!

I now have software, hardware and furniture. I am more comfortable, supported, healthier. I am more efficient , focused and able to deliver the excellent service I am known for.

Your Opportunity

👉👉👉👉 Use this Link tofind out more and get a FREE how to to get you started

Self Employed ... About to be Employed ...Newly Employed... In Work

Are you Neurodivergent... Do you have a health condiion or a Disability ?

Get support and reasonable adjustments to help you be at your best through the UK Goverment initiative, Access to Work. Is all about helping you be at your best and getting people back into work WITH the support needed.

The wait times are too long, all the more reason to apply today. The Advisors want to help and the process speeds up as soon as your paperwork makes it to the front of the queue.

Get support to help you with your struggling executive functions, travel, assistive technology.

A support worker to help you with time blindnes, disorganisation, help putting in place processes that enable you to focus.

✨ You do not need a formal diagnosis or a report for ATW.

✨ The assessment process was simple - a few emails and documents about my business plans and then a Zoom conversation with a case worker about me and how I work.

✨ A report and list of suggestions then quotes - I had input, they had knowledge and ideas and we agreed a way forward.

✨The breadth of support on offer is the tangible to the intangible - kit, software, coaching, assessments, ongoing support like number of hours, paid by ATW for you to get an support worker to help you or to get to work.

So if you, you know of someone, have an employee that would benefit grab my FREE download that tells you the what and the how and start the conversation about getting the support needed.

We all deserve to thrive at work.

👉👉👉👉 Use this Link tofind out more and get a FREE how to to get you started, how to apply, what support is on offer catch.

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