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Email management … and how can YOU start before you are able to invest in support.

Updated: Jun 28

Email management is an approach to organising and running an email inbox, using tools and strategies to optimize your time.

As a #FounderOwner, you know that staying organized is key to your success - making sure you respond to customers timely, see project updates to mitigate potential icebergs and grow your reach. When it comes to creating space for growth,getting your email sorted is one of the most important tools at your disposal.

Managing your email can be tricky, time-consuming and distracting … especially if you do not have an assistant helping you out.

You know you should be archiving, deleting, and responding regularly and timely but how to start?

  • Create structure

  • Learn the tools available to optimise your inbox

  • Deploy Labels, Folders, Filters and Rules

  • Set up automation

  • Block out time in your calendar for doing

Start with the basics - Delete, Defer, Delegate and DO last.

Getting on top of what is coming in, and following up on what is going out will gift you freedom, stop your inbox from defining your day AND is the first step towards time management.

Tip #1 Allocate a Specific Time for Emails Every Day… avoid starting your day with a ‘quick look’ or your inbox end up dictating your day

Tip #2 Delete, File for action or respond to all emails when you do enter your inbox aim for your version of Inbox Zero

  • Use Snooze

  • Flags

  • Tasks

  • Archive

  • Use templates for those 1 minute emails

Tip #3 Allocate 30 min a week to clean your inbox and empty your to do list (Repeat Tip #2). Search functions and rules can make this easy.

  • Unsubscribe

  • Mark as spam

  • Follow 1 min rule and clear actionable email

  • Add dates and times to Snoozed, Tasked or Flagged items

  • Create your folders, labels, and filters AND use colour coding- a whole article by is self

Think about gifting yourself an Inbox review, Inbox Audit, to give you sight of

  1. what you want more of AND less of

  2. legacy tasks that should, could and can delegated or removed

  3. growth areas & skill shortages in your team

  4. structures and systems that are needed so you can focus on growing your business

  5. Get an inbox that works for you, action opportunities and gain space to focus on what you love.

Would love help figuring out how you can be 50% more productive... book a call

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