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Time poor... vanishing hours?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Feeling frazzled, time poor, cannot understand where your time has gone or why you have not achieved the 3 things you set yourself to do?

I work with Founder Owners, CEO's and Managers whose calendars are either overstacked or empty AND neither reflects what is actually going on in their world, what they do each day, need to or should be doing.

You wouldn't run your company budget on estimations, never measuring the actuals, correcting under and overspend or sense checking effort vs value.

It is time to measure and track your time, a resource more precious to any of us than money. We need time to create, explore and yes, to sell.

Calendar management is an easy starting point. Put in place the time to achieve the goals and plans, block out the space to do, rest, think.

You and your team will reap the rewards when you have visibility of how much, or little, time you have available for more.

Time cannot be created but we can figure out how to spend it wisely to create the space to breathe, grow or focus on what we want most.

Boring statement

Calendar management is a systematic process focused on organising meetings, events, and tasks to maximise the return on investment you can get from the precious limited resource… time.


Keeping your calendar current, time blocking, taking time to keep your calendar in shape to reflect what you do, when you need to do it will allow you to use automation.

Use Calendly to book meetings and reduce the toing and froing

Use the 1-minute email method freeing up head space from worry,

Know you have the time planned in for tasks and reduce last minute shoe horning audits, reviews burning the midnight oil

See where you time is going and plan in monthly, quarterly and annual commitments.

Take a look at what I have on my calendar to start figuring out what you should have on yours.

Looking for more tips on how to work #SmarterNotHarder ? Grab my newsletter and let's stay in touch.

Spend a little time today and plan in your success.

Stop and write down what you are actually doing each day, week, month and then start to add them to your calendar

#TopTip STOP adding reminder all day strips and instead block out the time to do in the day instead.

I see so many calendars with things like payroll due, expenses deadline, contract renewal, post on LinkedIn, and then no actual time held in the calendar to do the work.

👉 If you have 'post on #LinkedIn – add time to post, time to create the post and time engage with your audience to you day, week month in blocks of time.

👉 If you add deadlines to your calendar - track backwards and add the time to do the work so when the 'due today' reminder pops up, it is not a nasty suprise

Seeing where your time is going and how much available time you have, will enable you to plan and change things so you CAN celebrate successes instead of bashing yourself.

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