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Micro or Small Business Enterprise: 10 – 50 employees £2  £10 million turnover)

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Operations | Online Business Manager

You need ‘right-hand’ person in your business who can help manage your team and the successful delivery of smooth business operations . You need an Operations Manager or Online Business Manager.Business Operations Support | Starts at £370 a week 2 half days support.


Day to day planning & project management to give yourself the time to breath


  • Action and commitment deadlines met and tracked

  • Compliance deadlines and activities are tracked

  • Coordinating Departments – aligning PR & Marketing support to business objectives

  • Help with HR tasks, scheduling interviews, CV filtering, initial phone interviews, communicating with applicants

  • Company calendar coordination

  • Compliance

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Process creation and documentation

  • Research information

  • Membership and digital subscription tracking

  • Finance coordination - payment / purchase facilitation | on time | on budget | reporting timetable


Reduce your time spent on coordination and chasing –allowing you to confidently focus on moving forward knowing I am tracking the moving parts, delivery and will escalate what you need to see and hear Ensuring key business commitment are communicated and know

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Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer | Bespoke pricing

I will be a trusted adviser to your Executive Team

Almost totally autonomous working as a strategic business partner. I will be an active part of the leadership team, at the table with my voice, directing operational and other key element to and from the Executive team I may be guiding other people , involved governance administration



  • Broad understanding of all areas of the business Internal facing role maximising the efficiency & operations of the organisation & CEO

  • Working with the CEO representing as required Advanced research, analysis & briefing Strategic thinking, understanding, & knowledge Leadership & management expertise with organisational & strategic dexterity

  • Sensitivity of cultural diversity & inclusion

  • High level communication & interpersonal skills (esp. listening, tact, diplomacy, negotiation, problem solving, emotional intelligence, judgement, decision making) across all levels of the organisation

  • High performing team building & relationship skills

  • Large/complex project management skills


Optimising the organisation's operational capabilities. Managing the day-to-day business operations of a company. Directing multiple departments Problem solving Streamlining Implementing best practices, policies, and procedures Embedding a strong focus on inclusion

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Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff | Bespoke pricing

I will be a trusted adviser to you I will have different strengths to you and your Executive team and we will work side by side as equals I will be a strategic business partner supporting you I will be an active part of the leadership team, at the table with my voice, directing operational and other key element to and from the Executive team . I may be guiding other people , involved in some recruiting , performance reviews, governance administration and research.



  • Manage office of CEO incl. direct reports

  • Works with CEO’s direct reports to ensure projects are delivered on time

  • Acts as communication arm for CEO with staff & stakeholders

  • Takes meetings & represents on behalf of CEO

  • Takes over projects the CEO is too busy to do

  • Able to challenge ideas, offer a different perspective & skills, & asks the right questions

  • Prioritises for the CEO, to ensure they’re working on the most important items

  • Helps complete priority items for the CEO, senior management, & across the team

  • Leadership of strategic initiatives

  • Researches new revenue streams / projects

  • Researches & creates complex briefing documents e.g. strategic direction & advanced planning, speeches, events, & meetings

  • Manages rhythm / integration of the business e.g. reoccurring leadership meetings

  • Monitor employee satisfaction & explore frustrations

  • Recruit & hires for high level positions & to ensure succession planning


  • Keeps the CEO accountable for commitments

  • Keeps the CEO accessible & open to new ideas, proposals, & practices

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