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Too much in your inbox? Inbox Overwhelmed? Missed key information? Responding and tracking emails stealing you day? You need an Email Audit  |  £450

An extensive review of your inbox content and existing systems Estimated up to 90 minutes of your time split between initial outline and project delivery class includes 30min final delivery of the report and recommendations.



  • I will provide and create solutions and systems to reduce email-overwhelm, enable you to focus on what you need to see and action.

  • I will discuss what you need

  • I will audit your inbox so we can set up rules, create folders and folder structures.

  • I will suggest better filing and storage option to ensure you and your team can access information that might only be in your inbox or coach your assistant on best practice to keep you new inbox productive.


Delivery of Audit finding, system suggestions & actions and implementation plan.

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Actions not being logged? Committments not be formally recorded for follow up? Minutes or action log created min £75 per hour.

Your eyes and ears at meetings, recorded key actions and commitment to be share on  |  All zoom calls  / meetings will be recorded and professionally minuted.



  • Your requirements will be discussed before the meeting, so we can ensure they fit your purpose.

  • You can be 100% present, focused on listening and responding, confident clear actions and decision will be provided to you to track deliverables ?


You can be 100% present, focused on listening and responding, confident clear actions and decision will be provided to you to track deliverables? Attendance time charged at hourly rate and minute writing at time and half eg 1 hour meeting = £30 attendance and minutes at £45 = £75 fee.

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Tired of feeling like you're playing catch up – feeling like your times been hijacked? You need a Time management audit  |  Ideal calendar plan  |  £450

3 – 12 month review of your calendar and business commitments | estimate minimum 90min of your and  |  or some core team members time.



  • I will plan an ideal flow that makes it possible for you to start and end you day knowing you what is coming up – create a structure that enables you to focus, be available and enjoy time doing the things that energise and give you joy.

  • Lets meet to discuss when you are at you best, when you feel most productive, what you missing out on , what you want more of… and plan them in.

  • The key to being more productive is planning your day, week, month and year.


Delivery of Audit findings | Creation of a Dream Calendar | Providing suggestions for meetings, deep thinking, team time .

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Administrative tasks getting in the way of busines growth ? Let me take on those tasks o you can take control of the ones that will enable your business to thrive.  |  You need Executive Support  |  Packaging starting at £350 a week.

3 month starter EA followed by a review to agree areas of support and scope for ongoing commitment.



  • Need bullets for this para


  • Calendar management

  • Travel arranging

  • Email triage

  • Organises meetings

  • Expenses

  • Minute taking

  • Preparing documents

  • Sets up conference calls / virtual meetings

  • Project assistance

  • Operational assistance

  • May support teams or office functions.

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