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Most executives spend up to three hours a day managing email.

The process is incredibly disruptive when done in real-time switching your attention from deep time tasks, on average 20 min to get in, out and back in the zone, if you are not totally side tracked.


Through learning your contacts and priorities I will take over your inbox so you only deal with messages that require your attention. :


Prioritise – Flag those for your attention – create drafts to prompt action Forward messages to a more appropriate contact Return emails to qualify ambiguous inquiries on your behalf


Create structure to help you to review later or reference


Ongoing – structure creation, labels, rules,folders, archiving

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Keeping your schedule current

Re-electing agreed plans and schedules to ensure at a glance you know where what and who

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Expenses submission invoice and receipt coordination

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Availability | Follow up | Deep thinking time | Client facing work | Research | Work life Balance | Interruptions | Email |

The impact of an interruption whilst in the flow of work ? 20 minutes per interruption per day to check, keep on top of.


On average 2 hours of lost time refocusing on the interrupted tasks I will take on those task:


Respond and action saving you the time | Liaise with key stakeholders| Coordinate | Proactively sharing and protect your time available | Ensure effective use of time | Learn which Internal stakeholders and projects are most important to you now, which to defer or refer on

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Scheduling meetings and events

  • Set up and assist zoom calls or location bookings

  • Meeting coordination and attendance


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  • It can take about 12 hours to plan the average business trip

  • Time spent looking at different flight times, layovers, hotel availability, prices, and starting over when one itinerary doesn't quite work

  • There are now ever changing post covid rules and regulation to check, plan for and and adhere to

  • Then there is the time spent re scheduling the calendar, planning the itinerary in location, travel and meetings in the destination city, potentially selecting restaurants, and making reservations

  • It all takes your time: I will take your brief, learn you preferred travel, understand the desired outcome I Will conduct travel research, planning and arrangements

  • Accommodation – direct and through 3rd parties Domestic and International travel

  • Wrap around travel – car, taxis trains etc.

  • Facilitate travel using agent for flights, visa, compliance

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